Love comes in many forms

Welcome to the Foster Care Program for Reptiles!(or F.C.P.R for short). Now, you may have a lot of questions before considering being part of the program. Here's a few Q&A's to help get you started:

How does it work? Our Director of Operations will look over your application in order to determine if you are fit for the program. We will then send you a documented form that you must fill out and mail,email, or personally give to us. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, a reptile will be delivered to you until the reptile finds a good home.

What hurts my chances of becoming a foster care provider? If you are moving out of state, if you are on a blacklist, and if you do not agree to our terms and conditions. You may also become considered unqualified if you do not meet the Melo's Reptile Sanctuary Standards which will be included in the documents that you must read over and agree to.

What if I wish to adopt the reptile sometime after becoming a foster parent? We would first of all be overly excited that you formed that much of a bond with your reptile foster! Like anyone else who wishes to adopt, we must receive the adoption fee before you can adopt. However, if you have fostered for three months and neither you nor the Sanctuary were able to find it a home, because of the care you put into the reptile, you will receive a $20 off discount.


What if I no longer wish to foster? You must return everything that came with your reptile foster or pay a replacement fee that is subject to marketing price. Failure to do so will result in blacklisting and a fine.


Please DO NOT fill out application if you are not an Indiana resident. For all other questions, please see our CONTACT page and fill out form or contact directly during normal business hours only. 

Please fill out foster care form

Thanks! A Director will assist you soon.