Day time temperatures should be between 88-90 degrees fahrenheit. There really isn't a limit on the amount of hides as ball pythons love hiding. A water bowl should be added. A nice, deep, and heavy one should be used.


Mice (Frozen or live) and Rats (when they are big enough to swallow safely)

Cage mates:

Despite what you may have seen or heard,  it is not safe to house two ball pythons in the same cage. No matter the gender or size. (unless you plan to breed.)


As far as substrate goes, (the stuff you put at the bottom of the tank for your snake to do his business on) you have a lot of options such as paper towels, newsprint, aspen chips, and coconut fibers. The only thing you really can't use is cedar, as the phenol oils in the cedar are toxic to snakes.

Cage size:

Adults will need a 30 gallon (113.6 L) tank. Younger snakes can be kept in 10–20 gallons (37.9–75.7 L). Make sure you have a securely fitted top to the tank. All snakes are notorious escape artists.