How does the Ambassador Program Work?

Only a selected reptile will permanently have a home here in the facility. Those that are selected will then be trained to be around people so that others can learn from them. We believe this will help to end the fear humans naturally have towards these amazing creatures. 

Charamander, Leopard Gecko Ambassador

November 07, 2017

Roughly  a year old and wiill eventually show kids what it's like to own a leopard gecko. Yes, she was named after a pokemon, but no she can't spit fire. However, she can use Bite Attack on some insects ;D

Ganondolf, the Milk Snake

November 09, 2017

He is 1 year old (rough estimate), and will eventually show people that snakes should be respected, not feared.

Fu, Chinese Water Dragon Ambassador

November 07, 2017

She is 6 years old, and will be the ambassador for all chinese water dragons. We will hope that she will be an excellent way for people to understand how to care for these creatures better. 

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