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You guys were great though! You answered all of my questions, nice enough to meet me in public, and they are awesome people. Great youtube.

Catalina Crider

Spencer, IN

It's really inspiring to see your passion for this project. Most humane societies aren't equipped to care for reptiles (or amphibians), so having this resource in Indy is really valuable. You're doing good work.

D'Arcy Brewer

Indianapolis, IN

Thank you so much! She is absolutely wonderful and is very calm when I hold her. I am so glad I adopted from you instead of getting a baby! [a.k.a. buying one from a pet shop]

Allyssa Burdine

Indianapolis, IN

I've recently adopted a gorgeous little corn snake from Melo's Reptile Sanctuary, and I couldn't be happier. The snake is in good health, and well-socialized to handling; Carmelo is friendly, knowledgeable, and was accommodating to my wonky schedule when we planned a time for me to pick my pet up. Thank you so much for a good experience -- and for your quick and helpful replies when I've had questions for you!

Melinda Long


These people are very compassion about there reptiles. Check them out and adopt an animal!!!!

Missy Couldren


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