1. Melo's Reptile Sanctuary aims to find a reptile, no matter how big or how small, a new home where it will be loved till the end of its days.

  2. To make sure to provide as much knowledge as humanly possible on how to care for your reptile friend.

  3. To make sure all adoptable reptiles are as healthy as possible.

  4. To help all reptiles who need our help in getting a second chance they deserve.


We started in 2015 with a leopard gecko who couldn't be sold by Petsmart because she lost her tail. Melo's Reptile Sanctuary didn't become official until March 2017, when it was decided we were more than capable in taking in reptiles that no longer had a home.

Thanks to the team up with Petsmart, we are able to host adoption events every Friday between 4pm-6pm. It has helped us get over 20 reptiles adopted!!

Founder/President: Carmelo Blanco

Founder and owner of Melo's Reptile Sanctuary, Carmelo Blanco founded the facility in order to save reptiles from abusive situations and from being abandoned. He has dedicated his life to taking in even the most ill tempered reptiles, helping them form a bond, and then finding them a permanent loving home. 

Director of Treasury: Rebecca Blanco

Head of the Treasury department. She helps to establish adoption prices, budgets projects for future rescued reptiles, etc. From the very beginning, Rebecca has a lot to make sure that the proper budget margins are set in order to provide the very best for the reptiles and occasionally volunteers to work with the reptiles on a personal level.

Director of Operations: Annamarie Asp

She loves all animals, not just reptiles. However, her passion to see reptiles go to a permanent loving home is exactly what Melo's Reptile Sanctuary is all about. Annamarie has proven time and time again to not only be good with people, but animals too. We truly believe she knows how to connect the two.

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